Affordable Business Email Solutions for Startups

Business email solutions

Organizations that are looking to increase efficiency have to take great care when setting up a business email solutions. To find the best email services for your business, make sure that they meet the following criteria:

Hosted email solutions

There are two main options for business email solutions setup they are in-house and hosted email. The total cost of ownership related to in-house email does not make a sound financial sense. It means it has restricted storage space, which are inconvenient to your employees, it also means that the company is responsible for backups and upgrades. However, when you use a hosted email solution, the hosting services takes the responsibility and it also means less work for your company’s IT department. The service provider can provide dynamic storage options and scale to meet your company’s growth.

Adequate Server Space

Depending on how large your organization is and how much email storage it needs, you will have to choose between shared and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting means that your physical server is used by multiple companies and this is largely used by small companies as it is affordable and still provides all the benefits of email hosting services, including security, reliability and privacy. With dedicated hosting there are lots more customization options with lot more server space.

Mobile Access

It is important to consider that most of the employees need to be able access their business emails through mobile devices when they are away from their desks. An email solution has to have mobile calendar and document sharing capabilities. And also allows for syncing with other devices and consistently upgraded for mobile technology.

An experienced provider

Always choose a company you can trust and has a proven record for providing the best email hosting services. Make sure that the services provide a strong uptime guarantee, proper security, high reliability.

User friendly interface

Choose a service that has a simple and easy to navigate interface so that it will be easy for all your employees to quickly understand the features and use it to their maximum capabilities.

Integration capabilities

Choose a provider that provides integration features between calendar, contacts and files.

Spam Filter

Choose an email solution that provides top level spam filter so that no spam comes to your business emails and ensures that only legitimate email gets to you.

Automatic Synchronization

Look for a provider that automatically synchronizes data wherever you access your mail, contacts, calendar and tasks.

Inbuilt Virus protection

Choose a provider that has a great anti-virus solution as virus and malware can disrupt the whole network of a company and it might take a long time before the network can be fully functional.

Experienced Support

A service that provides 24/7 live support via chat, phone or emails.

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