Cross-region replication 

Cross-region replication Amazon S3 allows you to a synchronously replicate all new objects in the source bucket in one AWS region to a target bucket in another region.

 Versioning must been abled on both the source and destination buckets.

 Regions must be unique.

 Files in an existing bucket are not replicated automatically. All subsequent/future updated files will be replicated automatically.

 You can not replicate to multiple buckets or use daisy chaining (at this time).

  Cross-region replication is used to reduce the latency required to access objects in Amazon S3 by placing objects closer to a set of users or to meet requirements to store backup data at a certain distance from the original source data.

Delete markers are replicated.

 Deleting individual versions or delete markers will not be replicated.

 Amazon S3 must have permission to replicate objects from that source bucket to the destination bucket on your behalf.

 You can grant these permissions by creating an IAM role that Amazon S3 can assume.

Steps to enable cross region replication:

Select S3 bucket that you want to replicate,Select Replication option under Management.

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cross region replication

We can replicate the entire bucket or we can use particular prefixes(i.e;all objects that have names that begin with the string pictures)

cross region replication
  • On the Destination tab, under Destination bucket, select destination bucket for the replication.You can choose a destination bucket from same account or we can choose to create new bucket, or else we can replicate the data to a destination bucket from a different AWS account.
  • Give a valid name for the replication rule.
  • We can change the object storage class for the destination bucket,if required.
cross region replication

We have to create an IAM role for replication. Role is“s3crr_role_for_source_to_destination”

cross region replication

Review and click on save to activate the cross region replication on the bucket.

cross region replication

After you save your rule,you can edit,enable,disable,or delete your rule on the Replication page.a

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