Regions and Zones

Steps to find regions and Availability Zones using the console

1.Open the Amazon EC2 console

2.From the navigation bar, view the options in the region selector

Regions and Zones

3. You can switch between the regions and some services are region specific and some are global.

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AWS Account Creation

  1. Open https://aws.amazon.com/free, and verify the free tier limitations then choose “Create a Free Account”.
Regions and Zones
2.  And Select“Create a new AWS account”option if you want to create a new account,or enter your Email ID if you are an existing user.
Regions and Zones
3. Enter the required details; AWS Account Name(You can give your name), Email Address and Choose a Password. Whatever the email ID you are using here is called as “Root”user and this user will have highest privileges on your AWS account.
4. In this step we have to select “Account type” and need to provide the “Contact information”.
  • You can select“Personal Account”as your AWS account type, if you are an individual.
  • You can select “Company Account” if you are creating this account for your organization.
  • You have to provide the required contact Information (i.e;FullName,Country, Address,City,State,Postal code and PhoneNumber)
  • Then select“Create account and continue”button.a
Regions and Zones
5. You have to enter your payment information. AWS will accept Credit/Debit Card(Visa/Mastercard /Americal express).

As part of payment details verification process amazon will deduct INR 2 from your account. However this amount will refunded once your card has been validated.

Regions and Zones
6.  In Step 6, we have to perform“Identity verification”and to complete this step you need to have a valid Phone number with you.
  1. Enter the valid phone number, captcha and press“Call me now”button.
  2. When you click on call me now option, you will get a 4 digit PIN on your phone and
  3. You have to enter the 4 digit pin number on the IVR call, then your Identity verification is going to complete.
Regions and Zones
7. After completing the Identity verification, we have to select the“ Support Plan”and click on“Continue”.

Amazon have 4 support plans, those are

a. Basic

No Monthly Pricing for Basic support plan and no option to get technical support from Amazon if you are facing any.

b. Developer

Starting at $29/month and one primary contact may ask technical questions through support center and your issue will address with in 12-24 hours during local business hours.

c. Business

Starting at $100/month and 24×7 access to Cloud Support Engineers via email,chat,and phone. 1 hour response to urgent support cases

d. Enterprise

Starting at $15,000/month and you will get thee business support plan benefits along with Operational reviews, recommendations, and reporting, Designated Technical Account Manager, Access to online self-paced labs and Assigned Support Concierge.

NoteYou can change this support plan at any time by logging in with Root account.You can“Support Center” under“ support” navigation pane. Then click on change button and select the required support plan. We can use“Basic Support Plan” to explore the AWS features.

Regions and Zones
8. We have completed the AWS Account creation process select the “LaunchManagement Console”and Select“Sign in to the console”
Regions and Zones
9. Now you can enter the Email id and Password to login to your AWS account.

AWS basically offers usage of certain of its products at no charge for a period of 12 months from the date of the actual signup.

AWS ProductWhat’s free?
Amazon EC2750 hours per month of Linux micro instance usage 750 hours per month of Windows micro instance usage
Amazon S35 GB of standard storage 20,000 get requests 2,000 put requests
Amazon RDS750 Hours of Amazon RDS Single-AZ micro instance usage 20 GB of DB Storage: any combination of general purpose(SSD) or magnetic 20 GB for backups 10,000,000 I/Os
Amazon ELB750 hours per month 15 GB of data processing

For complete list of free tier eligibility products, please refer https://aws.amazon.com/free/