The Highest Quality At The Lowest Price

Largest account on Amazon Glacier.

Mass amounts of storage sold to millions.

Advertising is kept to a minimum.

One solution to protect all

FGS supports and is not limited to backing up:

  • Desktops.
  • Laptops.
  • Servers.
  • Network locations.
  • External drives.
  • And much more.

Secure and Reliable Cloud Solution

FGS Backup resides on the worldwide Amazon infrastructure, trusted by business giants like NASDAQ, National Institutes of Health, NASA, and more.Amazon AWS currently protects, stores, and processes billions of files and millions of requests every day. Amazon’s billions of dollars investment in their giant data center infrastructure, gives your company the security and reliability your data needs.


Save more money with Cold StorageTM

Some of your data you need on demand, but most of it you just need to store for safekeeping, auditing, or archiving purposes. For that reason, FGS introduces Cold Storage; a low-cost storage to store data for a lifetime. Just select what files/folders to store on Cold Storage and you’re done.

Hybrid+ : Zero Restore Time

Hybrid+ keeps a local copy of your backup to your server, network or external drive. During restore, it reduces the 3-5 hour Cold Storage delay, by prioritizing restore from the local storage; saving time and bandwidth.

Smarter, Faster

FGS Backup is designed with speed in mind with advanced technology to make FGS super fast.

Deduplication works on 3 levels; Machine, company, and global. Files are checked for duplication before they are processed and uploaded.

Small files are grouped, processed and uploaded in one command; ensuring fast upload and download.

FGS Backup processes large files to only backup changed blocks instead of backing up the entire file every time it changes.

Files are compressed before uploading. Files that are already compressed bypass this operation for faster processing.

FGS Backup operates on intelligent performance modes such as battery, presentation and idle mode. Your backup speeds up and slows down depending on your resource usage automatically.

Complete Users Management

FGS Backup makes do it yourself IT easy; control everything from an easy to use, centralized location online.

Activate, suspend, change policies, delete users, set storage limit, set labels, and more.

Deploy FGS Backup to 1000s of users in minutes via Active Directory or simple email invites. Set their backup policy or let them configure their backup.

Set file retention, select what to backup, set user privileges, schedule backup, bandwidth throttling, and other options.

View backup activity, locate your clients across the globe, and monitor their bandwidth usage.

View files for any user, download or remotely restore them to their device.