Let your bot chat like a human

Increase sales by 30% and reduce costs by 80% using AI

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FGS bot is an AI-based service to help marketers with sales automation by chatbots using our dialogue contextualization technology.

Why does your business need FGS bot chat?

There are 5 reasons why you should add FGS bot chat to your lead pages
and instant messenger…

Chat like a human

Create any scripts visually. You don’t need to add many questions! Create a branched dialog. Just use the context of the current story and teach your bots to communicate like a human.

bot1 [object object] - bot1 380x250 - FGS Bot
bot 3 [object object] - bot 3 350x200 - FGS Bot

Communicate anywhere

Every month we add one new channel to communicate with your customers. Connect an instant messenger or integrate with a popular CRM without coding.

Launch your store

Start selling in messenger. Connect Shopify or your own product database. Help your customer look for goods and pay, all from chat.

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Collaborate and work

Provide the best customer experience. Give access to an editor, marketer, operator or client. Combining all your experience in one smart assistant.

Upgrade your live chats

FGS Bot Chat doesn’t leave you alone with a customer! Even in Live Chats, FGS Bot chat shows you the best answers to choose from.

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What can FGS bot do?

FGS Bot chat is your full-time employee who doesn’t ask for a salary, doesn’t sleep or take vacations.
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Communicate freely

FGS Bot understands natural speech (NLU) and defines your intention.
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Automate sales

FGS Bot will answer questions, find the right product for the customer and place an order.
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Forget about email

10x More Effective Than Email, Messenger open rates are 85% compared to Emails 20%!.